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Give Good Stuff

Your generosity towards our children is very much appreciated. Your in-kind gifts are important so we want to make sure they are put to good use.

We take good care of our children so they have the basics like clothing, books, hygiene products and school supplies.

But they don’t have the special things that enrich a child’s life, such as:

  • Computers/laptops (please make sure they work and have Windows 7 or newer).
  • Calculators (graphing, if possible. Some of our kids are in advanced math!)
  • Musical instruments (that old guitar you never play or that ukulele you’ve outgrown.)
  • Tickets to anything appropriate for children.
  • Camping gear (in good condition, please!)
  • Appropriate movies on DVD
  • Fun computer games. (Yes, our children, like children everywhere, play computer games. They are used as incentives to learn behavioral skills).
  • Sometimes our youth are setting up apartments of their own and can use basic things like dishes, cookware, towels, etc. Please call beforehand to make sure we have a youth in that situation.

We really can’t use furniture, building supplies, baby things, bikes, weight lifting equipment, books, hygiene kits, or old magazines.

And, one last thing…please call before you bring in your gifts. It’s important that your gifts go where they’re needed and we have little, if any, storage space.

Call Diane or Rebecca at 801-272- 9980.

Thank you so much for thinking of our kids and families!