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Treatment Foster Homes

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Village Treatment Foster Homes are the least restrictive option among the range of residential services for children and adolescents. In our Treatment Foster Homes, we combine the normalizing influence of family-based care with specialized treatment interventions, creating a therapeutic environment in the context of a nurturing family home.

At a Glance…

  • Over 30 homes throughout Utah
  • 79% of our children are adopted, returned home, or placed in less restrictive foster care
  • One to three children per home
  • Treatment provided by Treatment Parents, highly-trained married couples who care for children in their own homes
  • Treatment Parents are well-supported by trained supervisors, with 24/7 crisis support
  • Treatment Parents trained to address specialized issues such as mental health, behavioral issues, substance abuse, teen motherhood, sexual reactivity, independent living, and aggression

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Refugee Children

We partner with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and Catholic Community Services to provide foster homes and families for refugee children from war-torn countries all over the world. These children have spent years in refugee camps, have not found their parents, and would be in peril if they were to return to their native countries. With our foster families, they live in a safe, predictable home where they can resume school, learn English and independent living skills so that they can be successful and productive members of their community here in America.

Partnerships to Provide Stability

Many Village children are able to return home after treatment, but others cannot. For these children, our highly trained Treatment Foster Parents provide long-term care, often raising these children as their legal guardians or adoptive parents. We also partner with private agencies to provide long-term foster care and adoption. The Village also provides services to adoptive parents and potential adoptive parents to help ensure that the adoption is successful. We provide this service regardless of whether the adopted child is a Village child. We customize our approach to meet the individual needs of our long-term children, providing them with treatment, security, and above all, a family through guardianship or adoption.

Independent Living

Because many of our youth will be living independent of state or family support in their teens, Utah Youth Village has developed an extensive program to teach these young people how to succeed on their own. Our training involves hands-on lessons on cooking, budgeting, renting, car ownership, shopping, medical needs, and higher education.

Steps to Becoming a Licensed Foster Parent

Being a foster parent is a commitment, and we want to make sure that it’s the right fit for you and your family. Licensing typically includes an in-home interview, completion of a licensing packet (including a background check), attending a two week pre-service workshop, and a home study. It can seem daunting at first, but we’re committed to supporting you through the entire licensing process. For a complete outline of the steps to licensing, please click below.
Download the Foster Parent Steps to Licensing


Referring a Youth
For admission information, contact Lisa Peterson at lpeterson@youthvillage.org or call her at (801) 272-9980 ext.130.

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