Mentoring Program

Utah Youth Village’s Mentoring Program uses the Teaching Family Model to increase the well-being of the youth and children served. Our mentoring program is designed to meet the need of a specific state Department of Human Services contract, and is available to youth and children referred through this contract. Mentoring is also available to the general public through private payment by contacting the program director.

Mentoring is a structured service provided by trained individuals intended to provide strength-based support to a child or youth.

Mentoring can include but is not limited to:

Academic support and tutoring, advocacy and positive role modeling, guidance and basic natural environment eaching, promoting a youth’s interests, transportation and supervision at pre-approved appointments or extracurricular activities, and other mentoring services pre-approved in writing by a case manager.

If you are interested in referring a youth for mentoring or in becoming a mentor yourself, please contact Jenny Swensen at 801-361-7046 or by email at