Youth Village Family Homes

Utah Youth Village operates three Family Homes. Our homes are located along the Wasatch Front and are staffed with full-time Family Teachers who live in each home.

Our homes are designed to provide treatment for youth whose behaviors are too disruptive for life in a traditional home or foster home, but who need an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization.

While in our homes, youth attend public school, do chores, and practice skills that help them work toward graduation from the program. After graduation, most return to their families, move into adoptive placements, or live with a Village foster family. If they are 18, the Village prepares them for independence and self-sufficiency.

We teach the youth in our care how to live in a healthy family environment. They learn to overcome their chaotic backgrounds and to behave appropriately. In the end, their school performance improves, they mature, and they develop the skills necessary to succeed at home, in school and on the job.

At a Glance…

  • Three Family Homes
  • Up to six children per home
  • Children range in age from 5 – 17
  • 73% of our youth are able to move into less restrictive foster homes, their own homes, adoptive homes, or independent living
  • School performance improves by an average of two full grades, from D’s to B’s
  • Treatment provided by a highly trained married couple or single Family Teacher with support from other trained staff

Latency Age Homes

In addition to a home for teens, the Village also offers residential treatment services for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 12. As the only program of its kind in the state for this age group, we provide treatment in a highly structured home-like setting that is uniquely suited to this younger population.