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Utah Youth Village

Utah Youth Village heals and elevates lives using proven family solutions.

Whose lives do we change?

1. Struggling children and families throughout Utah
2. Teenagers from across the United States
3. Parents all around the world.

What are the proven family solutions?

Utah Youth Village is a fully accredited Teaching-Family Model agency. The Teaching-Family Model is an evidence-based treatment system that reliably and predictably helps adults to help children and youth. The adults can be the child’s parents, mentor, house parents or foster parents. In each of these settings the Teaching-Family Model guides us to heal and elevate lives – the lives of children and their parents or care-givers.

Children and Families in Utah

Utah Youth Village’s Family Homes and Treatment Foster Homes provide nurturing care, consistency and direction for youth from the Utah Division of Family Services, the Ute Tribe, and Catholic Community Services.

The Utah Division of Family Services, Juvenile Courts, Division of Juvenile Justice, pediatricians, therapists, and church leaders use our Families First program to teach parents how to help their own difficult children before the state removes them from the home. A Families First specialist will spend up to 50 hours during a typical intervention in a family’s home working with the whole family.

Mentors also provide crucial services to assist children who are struggling or are in difficult foster placements.

Teenagers from Across the United States

Alpine Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for privately referred teenage girls who come from all over the United States. It provides a fully accredited junior and senior high school education, as well as specialized therapy so girls can return to their families and reclaim their lives. www.alpineacademy.org

Parents All Around the World

Our Smarter Parenting website gives ALL parents the tools they need to raise happy, responsible, and ethical children by sharing the components of the Teaching-Family Model for free. www.smarterparenting.com

Utah Youth Village is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Copies of Utah Youth Village’s audit, annual report, tax return, and newsletter are available by clicking below. For more information, please contact Utah Youth Village, 5800 South Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84121, (801) 272-9980.