Over the Edge

Thank You for Going Over the Edge!
July 19, 2018
Lehi, Utah

Thank you so much for volunteering to become a rappeller in Utah Youth Village's 2018 Over the Edge event! The funds you help us raise will go directly to providing for struggling foster children in Utah. And you'll get the chance to experience a fun and unique event as you rappel down the Workfront building in Lehi, Utah!

If you would like to raise money in honor of a specific Village child, please contact Rachael Mitchell at rmitchell@youthvillage.org or (801) 604-8525.

It's Easy to Get Started

To secure a spot to go over the edge, each hero must pay a registration fee of $35 which will count toward their total, then raise at least $1,000 before July 13, 2018. Heroes will have a personal coach who can help them raise the funds plus plenty of encouragement at the event. You won’t be alone!

You can raise money any way you choose, but we suggest using Crowdrise. Crowdrise is an easy, and powerful, tool to help you raise money quickly and conveniently. You can check out Utah Youth Village's Over the Edge page on Crowdrise by clicking below.


To set up your own page for Over the Edge, just click "Get Started" (or "Join the Team" from the Village page) on Crowdrise and create an account. Once you've logged in, click "Create Fundraiser" (or "Create a Campaign"). Crowdrise will guide you through the process and help you to share your fundraiser with your friends and family through social media. It's very easy!

Hints for Success

• Start Early - Don't leave this until the last minute! Give your supporters plenty of time to respond to your request.
• Stay Active - Update your supporters frequently. Give progress reports on your page, and engage your social network. People love to watch a cause like this succeed.
• Solicit More Than Just Donations - Ask your supporters to share your message. We all know how social media can create a "viral" response. With your supporters' help, you might be surprised how many people you can ultimately reach.
• Customize Your Page - Make your Crowdrise page as personal as possible. Tell people why this event and this cause are exciting to you. Post your own pictures and/or videos to really make an impact and to energize your supporters.
• Use Our Resources - We want to help you make this a success, and we're very happy to share. Feel free to use any of the images, videos, or text that you see on either our Web site or our Crowdrise page.
• Ask for Help - We're anxious to assist you at any time. Email or call Rachael Mitchell at rmitchell@youthvillage.org or (801) 604-8525 for more information.

Good luck! We look forward to seeing you go OVER THE EDGE!