Utah Youth Village knows how to change and direct children’s behaviors. We are experts at training parents to be “super-parents” whether they are foster parents or parents looking for help with their own children.

Our workshops are a unique collaboration between parents and trainers in a relaxed setting. Parents actively participate by setting their personal goals, sharing experiences, role-playing, and learning from each other.

Smarter Parenting


All of the skills, approaches, and ideas we use are also available to the public, for free, online. We offer Web-based classes, helpful links, parenting tips, and much more. Simply click on the logo above, or visit smarterparenting.com.

The Teaching Family Model

The practical information offered online or in-person comes from the Teaching-Family Model - a thoroughly researched treatment approach for children.

This approach can significantly help every parent’s abilities. You will be more confident, and your relationship with your children will be improved.

You Will Learn to…

  • • Talk so your child listens
  • • Understand and teach appropriate behavior
  • • Motivate children
  • • Enhance positive communication skills
  • • Use effective consequences
  • • Discipline without anger
  • • Avoid arguments and power struggles
  • • Help your child set and achieve personal goals
  • • Problem solve as a family

For scheduling, to register for the class, or for additional information, please contact Denise Kimber at (801) 944-2572.

What Parents are Saying

“I was amazed that it worked so well. [My kids] were so good that I wondered if they were really the same children!”

“Even though it was hard to do things a different way, by the sixth week everything changed. I noticed my boys were following directions without arguing, and my home was more peaceful. They treated me with more respect.”

“I’m able to control my anger when I use these skills, and my children are much happier because of the consistency - they know what to expect from me.”

“It feels great to have a game plan instead of always questioning my parenting skills.”