Foster parents have a hard job, but it's also one of the greatest, most fulfilling jobs that exist. Foster parents provide structure, love, and hope for children who don't have anyone else. The rewards are numerous and are best expressed in the words of actual foster parents.

What is your favorite part about being a foster parent?

  • • "Seeing the youth succeed above their own expectations."
  • • "Giving youth a better life than what they are used to; making them feel a part of our family."
  • • "The moments I connect with the youth, and I know I'm reaching them."
  • • "Seeing we made a difference."
  • • "When the kids come back to us and tell us how much they love us, and how much we mean to them."
  • • "The support from our [Utah Youth Village] Consultant."
  • • "Being a part of something bigger than myself."
  • • "Having the wonderful boys that call us mom and dad come home after they have graduated from the program."
  • • "Watching the kids learn different things... and being told you are the best mom."
  • • "Helping children."
  • • "The smiles, hugs and thanks that I get from the kids."
  • • "Hanging out and doing activities with my youth. When they cry on my shoulder. When they figure out how to use a skill that you have been working with them on for months. When they call you for advice even after they leave our home."
  • • "Watching the kids succeed and see that there is always home."
  • • "The joy the youth get from the simplest things."
  • • "Seeing the kids happy."
  • • "Creating a close, loving relationship with each child. Seeing the changes they make. The joking with them. The discussions about just about anything."
  • • "Helping kids. Being a mom."

What motivates you to continue year after year?

  • • "I love working with kids! Good way to make money and stay home with my family."
  • • "Seeing my foster girls learn and grow and feeling the rewards that come from helping those less fortunate."
  • • "We love this kids and enjoy being able to learn from them as much as they learn from us."
  • • "Being able to see the changes and the transformation of the youth."
  • • "The pay always helps, but really we love helping kids and giving them a better life."
  • • "The remarkable kids we help and the awesome people we work with."
  • • "The fact that I can make a difference in a child's life."
  • • "Love service and love children."
  • • "The kids."
  • • "Helping youth with important issues and struggles! Watching them succeed!"
  • • "I made a promise to the kids that I would see them through until they were out of the program."
  • • "Being foster parents is challenging and also rewarding."
  • • "Helping and bringing children into our home."
  • • "Being able to help kids in need. It also opens the possibility of being able to adopt."
  • • "The youth motivate me. I learn so much from them."
  • • "The kids. I love kids. I continually try to make a difference. I enjoy the different personalities and the challenges."
  • • "I love my kids."

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