Utah Youth Village changes the lives of troubled children. Some have been abused and neglected. Others suffer from mental and emotional issues. All are lost and need super-parents. Utah Youth Village provides super-parents for the most troubled children in Utah.

Who are these children?

Most are wards of the State. They find nurturing care, consistency and direction in our specialized treatment foster homes or family homes. Some are in their own homes with their own families. Our Families First program teaches their parents how to be the super-parents they need. Some experience a very difficult time when they become teenagers. Alpine Academy, our therapeutic boarding school for teenage girls, provides an education and specialized therapy so girls can return to their families and reclaim their lives. Some are too troubled to attend public school. Our Youth Village Academy educates teenage boys and girls while teaching them behavioral skills so they can return to public school and work towards graduation. Some are refugees from war-torn and dangerous countries. We provide specialized proctor families for refugee children so they can assimilate and become productive citizens. Some are in loving homes and their parents want to be super-parents. Our Smarter Parenting website and in-person classes give ALL parents the tools they need to raise happy, responsible and ethical children.

Utah Youth Village is Utah’s largest not-for-profit provider of programs for troubled children. The Teaching-Family Model gives us the foundation to help chilren in proven, effective and humane ways.

Our founder was the legendary child advocate, Lila Bjorklund. We live by her words: “Help one child, help generations to come."

Utah Youth Village is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Copies of Utah Youth Village’s latest Audit, Annual Report, Newsletters, and Board of Trustess List, are available by clicking below. For more information, please contact Utah Youth Village, 5800 South Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84121, (801) 272-9980.